Published: Wed, February 13, 2019
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

South Korea signs deal to pay more for U.S. troops

South Korea signs deal to pay more for U.S. troops

But a foreign ministry official in Seoul said the deal could be extended if the two sides agree.

The deal - which must still be ratified by South Korea's National Assembly - resolves a dispute between the longtime allies at a crucial time, with a second U.S.

The administration had demanded the South Koreans pay $1.2 billion, but Seoul balked at that amount.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in plans to discuss the upcoming summit with Trump soon, according to a spokesman from the Blue House.

Trump has complained that maintaining troops in South Korea is too expensive and said in the past that he would like to bring them home. No further details of his schedule have been released by his North Korean hosts.

President Donald Trump's pick to lead the World Bank vowed yesterday to cooperate with South Korea on developing North Korea and other various sectors, the finance ministry here said.

The Prime Minister said this when responding to a question whether Malaysia viewed the second summit between United States and North Korean leaders as a positive development to reopen its embassy in North Korea. Betts also said the pleased with the results, acknowledging Seoul's contribution to the alliance. Their first summit in Singapore last June resulted in Kim's vague commitment to "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", a term that his propaganda machine previously used when it argued it would only denuclearize after the USA withdraws its troops from South Korea. Another W28.55 trillion will be needed for infrastructure, most (W22.66 trillion) to be spent on North Korea.

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Trump, who has been a vocal critic of other nations failing to contribute for USA military presence around the world, highlighted the cost of keeping troops in South Korea during an interview earlier this month.

"But in order for it to happen, everything has to go together - resolution of the North Korean nuclear issue, the U.S".

Timothy Betts, the US State Department plenipotentiary who was present to sign the agreement on the United States' behalf, said the money was a small but important part of the relationship between the two countries.

The South also paid the bulk of the more than $11 billion price tag for expanding the Camp Humphreys Army garrison as part of a long-delayed plan to relocate most Americans south of Seoul.

Late past year, the US military had warned Korean workers on its bases they might be put on leave from mid-April if no deal was agreed.

The allies also missed the December 31 deadline in 2013, but they managed to reach a deal a few weeks later when South Korea agreed to increase its contribution by 5.8 percent, with a 4-percent cap on the inflation rate.

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