Published: Thu, February 21, 2019
Science | By Michele Flores

Prepare to witness the biggest & brightest Super Snowmoon tonight !!

Prepare to witness the biggest & brightest Super Snowmoon tonight !!

The Super Snow Moon will last close to 7 hours.

Read some Fun Super Moon Facts from NASA below: A supermoon occurs when the moon's orbit is closest (perigee) to Earth at the same time it is full.

February's Supermoon is being called a Snowmoon as certain Native American tribes in the USA called the second full moon of the winter so.

The biggest and brightest supermoon of 2019 will occur Monday night and Tuesday night as the moon reaches perigee, or its closest point to Earth in its orbit. Some people who have already got their eyes on the Super Snow Moon 2019 have shared pictures of the same on social media.

The possibility of seeing the Super Snow Moon is pretty big, with the weather forecast now not completely against us and a mix of clear skies and clouds expected.

On average, supermoons only appear about once every 14 months, according to National Geographic. The Moon appears brighter and larger than the common full Moon. The Supermoon will then repeat on the night of March 21 - the third and final of this year's incredible Supermoons.

"The term gives preference to the geometric alignment of Sun-Earth-Moon and allows the occurrence of perigee into a wider time period than the actual instant of perigee - up to about two weeks, which is nearly half of the Moon's orbit".

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A supermoon looks larger than a micro-moon. Some other tribes called it a "hunger" moon as the harsh weather conditions were not suitable for hunting.

Usually, the Super Moon phenomenon would hardly be visible in these winter months.

The moon will appear 30 percent larger than at its greatest distance from the earth. On Tuesday, a perigee and also a full moon, the distance between the earth and the moon was 3.57 lakh km. This February full moon is particularly noteworthy after a Black Moon in February past year.

But Dr Tucker says things like lunar eclipses are rare, so events like the super blood wolf moon can live up to the hype.

February's full moon is known as the "snow moon" as a result of the heavy snowfall that often occurs at that time of year, according to the Old Farmer's Almanac.

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing and the satellite continues to be a source of fascination for scientists and the general public. The moon this time will be bigger and brighter.

Growing up as kids, we all remember those days spent staring wide-eyed at the Moon and the stars.

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