Published: Tue, March 05, 2019
Science | By Michele Flores

22 of world's 30 most polluted cities are in India, Greenpeace says

22 of world's 30 most polluted cities are in India, Greenpeace says

Seven of the top 10 polluted cities in 2018 were in India, including Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Bhiwandi, Noida, Patna and Lucknow.

To make matters worse India has 22 of the top 30 most polluted cities in the world with China having 5, Pakistan with 2 and one in Bangladesh.

NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and overseas. PM2.5 pollutants can enter deep inside the lungs and bloodstream of humans and have an adverse effect on their health. The topper of the list and the victor of the "most polluted city" tag was Gurugram (or Gurgaon), which lies in the NCR region of the country.

The report was published by IQ AirVisual and Greenpeace which calculated the average amount of PM2.5 air pollution in each city over the course of 2018 using publicly available records updated in real time.

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The report accompanies an extended online interactive display of the world's most polluted cities, allowing further exploration of air quality across different regions and sub-regions in 2018, it said. Afghanistan, Bahrain, Mongolia and Kuwait were among the top 10.

"This has enormous impacts, on our health and on our wallets", Yeb Sano, executive director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, said in a statement released with the figures. "In addition to human lives lost, there is a projected cost of dollar 225 billion in lost labor & trillions in medical costs". IQAir AirVisual has included data from air quality monitors operated by private organisations and individuals.

Air pollution, both outside and inside homes, is a silent and prolific killer responsible behind the premature death of seven million people each year, including 6,00,000 children, says David Boyd, a United Nations expert on environment and human rights.

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