Published: Sun, March 10, 2019
Science | By Michele Flores

Einstein 'puzzle' solved as missing page emerges in new trove

Einstein 'puzzle' solved as missing page emerges in new trove

They include hand-written mathematical notes, most from 1944 to 1948, and also an appendix - which the university said had been thought lost - to a paper on unified field theory that the German-born physicist presented to the Prussian Academy of Science in 1930.

The handwritten page - part of an appendix to a 1930 paper written by the Nobel victor on unified field theory - was discovered nestled in the 110-page trove Israel's Hebrew University was given as a donation.

"But in the copies we had, one page was missing, and that was a problem". 30 years after winning the Nobel Prize in psychics, Einstein confessed to a friend that he still did not know how to explain what light particles are.

"This is a rare finding", Grosz said at an event during the unveiling at the Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University. The paper was a significant milestone in his many attempts to formulate a single unified theory for gravitation and electromagnetism.

The most intimate manuscript, however, is a letter Einstein wrote to his son Hans Albert in 1935 warning him of the rise of Nazi Germany.

In the letter to his son, he writes that "in Germany things are slowly starting to change".

"Let's just hope we won't have a Europe war first ... the rest of Europe is now starting to finally take the thing seriously, especially the British", he declared.

Some 110 manuscript pages written by the German-born physicist were put on display by Israel's Hebrew University, which said numerous documents had never been shown to the public.

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The manuscripts, which have never been published or viewed by the public, offer new insight into the inner workings of Einstein's mathematical mind.

Einstein, who left Germany just before Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933, renounced his German citizenship that year. "If they would have come down hard a year and a half ago, it would have been better and easier", the letter said.

Einstein helped establish Hebrew University and was a member of its board of directors.

The 110 new documents were donated to Hebrew University by the Crown-Goodman Family Foundation in Chicago.

"Later, when I got married, instead of a Tiffany bowl or crystal vase, I asked my family for a gift that would be much more meaningful to me: a July 1949 letter that Einstein, along with my father and mother, wrote to Lina", Reisman shared.

The documents also reveal Einstein's personal side.

Following the preservation and digitization of these new documents, HU's Einstein Archives is now working with Caltech's Prof. While the scientific context of many of these calculations is not yet clear, an initial description was provided by Prof.

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