Published: Sun, March 10, 2019
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Google Play Developers Can Now Easily Reward Android Gamers For Watching Ads

Google Play Developers Can Now Easily Reward Android Gamers For Watching Ads

The monetisation option dubbed as "rewarded products" will allow non-paying users to contribute to the app's revenue not by paying money but by watching ads.

However, Google's example of the rewarded product in action reveals that the videos interrupt game between levels and if this is the case, the users might not respond too well.

Notably, the first product will be rewarded video where users can opt to watch an advertisement in exchange for in-game currency, virtual items or other rewards.

On the other hand, Android users have been more opposed to paying for apps than iOS users.

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Google is now officially facilitating a way for Android app developers to reward their users with in-app currency or goods, eliminating the need to link in more SDKs than necessary. They can choose to watch a video ad or pay a monthly subscription to access on-demand music. Earned balances must meet $10.

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The idea is to get mobile android developers to use Google's tool set and build the feature into their apps. The feature relies on AdMob technology. Obviously, Google is not giving up that fight so easily, seeking new ways to make it easier for Android app developers to earn money, which in turn can generate higher earnings for the search giant. Google has set some lengthy guidelines, and has provided detailed information on how to monetize the apps. The video seems to instruct developers to interrupt users at key moments during the usage of app, like engaging gameplay. Revenue data is based on estimated sales, the amount paid by buyers, including tax.

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