Published: Wed, March 13, 2019
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

Google Allo shuts down today. Here's how to save your chats

Google Allo shuts down today. Here's how to save your chats

Allo, Google's iMessage competitor is being shut down, and users will no longer be able to export older messages from the app.

Google announced the death of Allo back in December 2017.

"We built Google Allo, a smart messaging app, to help you get more done in your chats and express yourself more easily". The mobile messaging service was hotly anticipated when it came out in 2016, but the slow addition of features and oversaturation of the messaging ecosystem doomed the app.

We're saying goodbye to Allo on March 12, 2019.

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Allo used phone numbers as a login, similar to WhatsApp. Google addressed some of that with updates, but they were slow to arrive. Google hoped this would make it easier for people to start using Allo as a replacement for SMS. Since it's the first version of the feature available to the public, I'm sure it will improve over time and gain new capabilities. It didn't technically kill Allo at that time, but it "paused" investment.

The most recent release of Allo, version 27, added an export feature so you can grab your chats and stash them safely for posterity.

Go to then Menu, then Settings. Exporting media will save photos, videos and other files.

Google Allo isn't the only Google service that it is being discontinued this month. Exporting messages from chats won't include photos or videos. Using a separate option, you can save all media in a ZIP archive. You had your messages, your Allo and Duo, your Hangouts Chat and Meet, your YouTube chat, Voice, Hangouts Classic and so on.

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