Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Sports | By Johanna Francis

Major League Baseball eliminates multiple trade deadlines, 40-man September rosters

Major League Baseball eliminates multiple trade deadlines, 40-man September rosters

The two sides are also nearing an agreement on an All-Star Game Election Day. Home Run Derby prize money will be increased to $2.5 million, including $1 million for the victor, up from the $725,000 total previous agreed to for 2019, of which $150,000 had been designated for the victor.

As Passan details, the All-Star Game selection process will also be getting a facelift in 2019.

Major League Baseball and the Players Association will form a joint committee to consider other changes.

The biggest change in 2019 will be the move to a single trade deadline, which will be on July 31. This is another attempt to prevent the slowing of games with pitching changes during half innings.

Both Clubs will start the 10th inning of the All-Star Game, and each subsequent inning, with a runner on second base (re-entry substitutions allowed for runners).

Major League Baseball is hoping to bring more of its top talent into the annual Home Run Derby by raising the stakes.

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All-Star bonus payments will be given to the top three vote-getters at each position in each League during the Primary Round (top six for outfielders). The player would continue to get major league service if he had been on the roster continuously since June 1 and losing the service time would deprive him of salary arbitration or free agent eligibility that off-season, but those with split contracts would not receive major league salary. The single trade deadline will fall on July 31, which has always been the usual non-waiver trade deadline.

The active roster limit from Opening Day through August 31st and in Postseason games will increase from 25 to 26, and the minimum number of active players will increase from 24 to 25. First, the "Primary Round" will have the team nominate one player per eligible position.

Active roster limit will increase from 25 to 26 player. Teams will be allowed to carry 27 players during a doubleheader. From September 1st through the end of the championship season, all Clubs must carry 28 players on the active roster. A joint committee will determine the limit of pitchers, and if there is no agreement the limit will be 13 (14 from September 1 through the end of the regular season). The 2020 season will then bring a new roster structure created to give more players a chance to shine, while lessening wear and tear on others.

Players designated as a "Two-Way Player". While a compromise could be reached in distributing more money to the younger players whom the current system underpays, the complications of doing so warrant a long runway for discussions.

Starting and relief pitchers must pitch to either a minimum of three batters or at the end of half inning. The Players Association has agreed that it will not grieve or otherwise challenge the Office of the Commissioner's implementation of the amended Rule 5.10 (g). It's the provision that the sides will begin discussing labor issues imminently, far earlier than they typically would with a CBA that doesn't expire until December 2021. And the other change there in 2020 is that it will be a 15-day injured list and not a 10-day injured list.

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