Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
Technology | By Lionel Gonzales

School board welcomes class cellphone ban if it allows some teaching use

School board welcomes class cellphone ban if it allows some teaching use

He said there was a ban at his school, Prince Andrew High in Dartmouth, around a decade ago.

Thompson says an official announcement on the policy will be coming out soon and the government will issue a directive to all school boards that's set to take effect in September. How the ban will be enforced will remain under the jurisdiction of individual educational boards and schools.

Toronto tried banning cellphones, but found enforcing it to be extremely hard and would impair students from varied learning experiences. "We allow cellphones in a classroom when teachers want to use them for instructional purposes and we do have a formal procedure on that, so we do recognize the value-a phone is actually a computer-and used quite often bt our classroom teachers".

That's in response to news out of Ontario indicating cellphones will be banned in classrooms in that province. "I think it's important to understand what the government is trying to do as an objective, what kind of behaviour are we trying to target with this".

"They're good technology and can be used for educational purposes", says Fields.

While input on changing the sex education curriculum dominated headlines, education consultations conducted over the past year gathered feedback on the potential to ban cellphones from classrooms, the Canadian Press article states.

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The Conservatives had proposed the ban during last year's election campaign.

As the Ontario government is looking at banning cellphones in schools, some people are on the fence about whether or not an outright ban is the way to go.

"We use technology quite effectively in our classrooms as much as we possibly can".

"There are still fundamentals that teachers aren't able to perform their daily tasks of teaching [to] children because there are so many distractions in the classrooms", Kehoe says. The improvements were largely seen among the students who were normally the lowest achieving.

"It was the closest thing we got in our consultation to unanimity", a source told CP.

According to the study's findings, "this suggests that restricting mobile phone use can be a low-priced policy to reduce educational inequalities".

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