Published: Thu, March 14, 2019
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Trump says Europe is 'being ripped apart' by Brexit

Trump says Europe is 'being ripped apart' by Brexit

In no deal, UK Government is committed to entering discussions urgently with the European Union and Irish Government to agree long-term measures. The UK government has stated that it would closely monitor the effects of these tariffs on the UK economy.

David Sterling, the head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service, warned in December of an upsurge in smuggling.

They insist that such measures will be temporary and claim it is the only way to prevent a hard border on the island of Ireland - something Dublin has been trying to ensure with the EU's backing.

If the plan is a scare tactic to encourage MPs to vote in favour of the withdrawal agreement if it comes back before the House of Commons for a third time, business in Northern Ireland will not be happy to have been deployed as cannon fodder.

Under a temporary and unilateral regime announced by the British government, European Union goods arriving from the Republic and remaining in Northern Ireland will not be subject to tariffs. "The tariff plans emphasise why a no deal Brexit must be avoided".

However in a seemingly confusing loophole in no deal plan, Northern Ireland's border would remain open for at least 12 months and goods entering from the Republic would not face tariffs to preserve the Good Friday agreement.

To protect human, animal, and plant health, animals and animal products from countries outside the EU would need to enter Northern Ireland through a designated entry point, regulated plant material from outside the EU and high risk EU plant material will require certification and pre-notification before arriving in the UK.

No tariffs for Irish goods entering NI in no-deal Brexit
Avoiding a hard border in Northern Ireland in a no deal scenario

Rates include beef (53 per cent of MFN), poultry meat (60 per cent), sheep meat (100 per cent), pig meat (13 per cent), butter (32 per cent), Cheddar-like cheese (13 per cent), protected fish and seafood products (100 per cent) and milled and semi-milled products (83 per cent).

"The measures announced today recognise the unique circumstances of Northern Ireland".

The government recognises that Northern Ireland's businesses and farmers will have concerns about the impact that the government's approach will have on their competitiveness.

Parliament will vote later Thursday on whether to extend the March 29 deadline for a deal.

'But we will do all we can to support people and businesses across Northern Ireland in the event that we leave without a deal.

The government said: "British businesses would not pay customs duties on the majority of goods when importing into the United Kingdom if we leave the European Union without an agreement".

Under the new regime for Northern Ireland, goods arriving from the Republic will still be subject to the same Value-Added Tax and excise duty as at present. These arrangements can only be temporary and short term'.

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