Published: Sat, March 16, 2019
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Imam of attacked New Zealand mosque says we still love this country

Imam of attacked New Zealand mosque says we still love this country

We are a proud nation of more than 200 ethnicities, 160 languages, and amongst said diversity, we share common values and the one we place the currency on right now and tonight is our compassion and the support for the community of those directly affected by this tragedy and secondly, the strongest possibly condemnation of the ideology of the people who did this. Ardern said some were from Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Huang Yan, the manager of the Christchurch branch of China's Southern Airlines, told Xinhua the mass shooting would bring negative impact on New Zealand tourism as Christchurch has just been recovered from the aftermath of the 2011 deadly natural disaster.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said New York City is providing extra security for Muslim community centers and mosques.

Ardern said the suspect traveled around the world and was in New Zealand sporadically.

While the mass shooting was meant to sow fear and division, President Gertler said, "we hope that ultimately those responsible will fail, utterly, in their vicious pursuit". Health officials said 48 other people were being treated at Christchurch Hospital for gunshot wounds.

Immigrants, she said, ashen-faced, "have chosen to make New Zealand their home, and it is their home".

Mr Sayed, who has been living in New Zealand for over 10 years, told Indian broadcaster NDTV that he had witnessed the man "creep up behind the shooter and hold him until his gun dropped".

Chicago Muslim groups step up security after New Zealand mosque attacks
PM statement on the New Zealand attack: 15 March 2019

Prof Robert Patman, an expert in foreign affairs at Otago University, said that while many questions remained, the size of Christchurch's Muslim population, which is larger than Dunedin's, could have made it a target. She asserted that New Zealand "will not and can not be shaken" by this attack. In New Zealand, commentators also anxious that the horror would sow deep divisions in a society that has largely avoided the polarizations that have spread elsewhere. He did not apply for bail, or for his name to be suppressed. The AR-15 is a semi-automatic version of the United States military M16 rifle. Police Association President Chris Cahill backed tighter gun laws, saying the weapons used in the mosque shootings were banned in Australia after the Port Arthur massacre in 1996 in which 35 people were gunned down.

"When people, of course, hear that this individual had acquired a gun licence and acquired weapons of that range, then obviously I think people will be seeking change, and I'm committing to that", she said. Versions of the video reportedly persisted on the sites for hours after the shootings.

Ardern was asked if she agrees with Trump's remarks that white nationalism is not on the rise.

Tarrant posted a jumbled, 74-page manifesto on social media in which he identified himself as an Australian and white supremacist who was out to avenge attacks in Europe perpetrated by Muslims.

At Christchurch hospital, where many members of the Muslim community spent Saturday waiting for news of loved ones, members of the public turned up offering auto lifts around town, food parcels and hot drinks, or just a friendly face to talk too.

Political and Islamic leaders across Asia expressed their disgust at the deadly shooting.

Speaking at the funeral of a former minister, Erdogan said the Islamophobia that motivated the attacks "has rapidly started to take over Western communities like a cancer". "1.3 billion Muslims have collectively been blamed for any act of terror".

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