Published: Sun, April 14, 2019
Worldwide | By Jermaine Blake

Another round of strong storms possible this weekend in Houston

Another round of strong storms possible this weekend in Houston

Sunday: Showers and strong thunderstorms possible, breezy with temperatures in the low to middle 70s.

A few isolated showers or thunderstorms will be possible Saturday afternoon and evening.

There are no deaths reported as a result of the storm activity in the area, Robertson County Sheriff Gerald Yezak told CNN on Saturday. Earlier, two children died in East Texas after a tree fell on their moving vehicle. Capt. Alton Lenderman said the parents, who were in the front seats, were not injured. The children were pronounced dead at the scene.

National Weather Service meteorologist John Moore said a possible twister touched down Saturday in the Vicksburg, Mississippi, area.

The entire town of Franklin and neighboring Bremond lost electricity, with 3,088 customers cut-off across the county early Sunday.

There is a marginal risk for severe weather Friday with a few scattered storms possible in the afternoon.

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There is a "MARGINAL RISK" of severe storms for the remainder of the area and the remainder of IL.

The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency warned of a confirmed tornado around Saturday night.

Monroe County Coroner Alan Gurley says multiple people were injured and multiple homes were damaged in Hamilton, Mississippi, which is 140 miles (225 kilometers) southwest of Memphis, Tennessee.

The system will begin to move through Alabama overnight and is expected to reach Georgia by Sunday morning. Cities such as Shreveport, Louisiana, and Jackson, Mississippi, may be affected.

The WBRZ Weather Team is here for you, on every platform. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk, 2 out of 5 for our region Sunday. Tournament organizers have moved up tee times for Sunday because of the storm threat. Storms will quickly race to the northeast, moving into eastern Nebraska and the metro area near or after 9pm. Some of those could be heavy at times, posing a flooding threat, and some might bring bouts of thunder and lightning, forecasters say.

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