Published: Sun, April 14, 2019
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Brexit: Enshrine future relationship in law, says Labour

Brexit: Enshrine future relationship in law, says Labour

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to brief Parliament on Thursday on the results of the emergency European Union summit but her path toward actually taking Britain out of the European Union remains unclear. The UK has accepted this longer extension. However, British politicians have said Britain ought to be disruptive.

A Kent MP has called for Operation Brock to be lifted as soon as possible after the news that the government has been given another six months to reach a Brexit deal. That solution might well be a referendum.

The result was a compromise on the date, with a deadline of Oct 31, for Britain to leave - on condition that Mrs May holds an election on May 23 to return British members to a new European Parliament that convenes in July, and that it pledge not to disrupt key EU decision-making before it leaves.

Later Thursday, May's government was scheduled to have more bilateral talks with the Labour party in renewed attempts to break the deadlock.

French President Emmanuel Macron took the strictest line on the Brexit extension, while many other leaders were prepared to accept an extension up until the end of 2019, or even spring 2020.

Tusk has indicated an delay of around a year.

He added: "Please do not waste this time".

What does 31 October mean?

"German Chancellor Angela Merkel says that the European Union may well decide on a longer Brexit delay compared to the one sought by the British government, but it will be elastic enough to let Brexit" quickly" after London approves the withdrawal arrangement.

The term of the current European Commission under Jean-Claude Juncker ends on October 31.

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May told the House of Commons - in an oft-repeated mantra - that passing an EU withdrawal agreement quickly would allow Britain to avoid taking part in European parliamentary elections set for late May, an unpalatable prospect to many Conservatives.

"I never wanted to seek this extension", May said.

May's governmental weakness goes back to when she took office in July 2016, under a month after Britain voted 52% to 48 percent in favor of leaving the EU. But this is the second time she has been forced to agree to a delay. He also said that this relative calm would make a People's Vote the most likely outcome. However, it will be hard for the Brexiteer faction of the Conservatives to push May out before October because, after the failed oust attempt in December, the Prime Minister is immune to a new challenge from within her party until next December.

A Brexit would harm European Union countries, as well as Britain, and all desire to prevent it - but there's little understanding about how. Few believe Theresa May can survive as Prime Minister far beyond this December.

BBC political correspondent Iain Watson has been told that the Conservative and Labour delegations have discussed some of the fine detail of the potential changes to the "political declaration" - the non-legally binding part of the Brexit deal, which sets out a blueprint for future relations between the European Union and UK.

"He said the European Union was giving Britain six more months" to find the very best possible alternative" for its Brexit impasse.

Make UK and sister organization Ceemet issued a joint letter to heads of state and chief negotiator Michel Barnier warning of shock in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

British businesses expressed relief at the Brexit delay. The third alternative, of course, is a referendum. "Putting in danger the functioning of Europe is not preferable to your no-deal".

Most member states had favoured an even longer extension until the end of the year or early next year in order to put pressure on the United Kingdom parliament to adopt the withdrawal agreement, with the condition of Britain holding European elections in May.

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