Published: Wed, April 17, 2019
Medical | By Vicki Mclaughlin

New York City's mandatory measles vaccine orders trigger lawsuit from parents

New York City's mandatory measles vaccine orders trigger lawsuit from parents

While easily preventable with a vaccine, measles is highly contagious and can be risky, especially for small children.

"The most recent case, reported last night, is linked to the previous cases in the Mount Maunganui area", says Dr Neil de Wet, Medical Officer of Health for Toi Te Ora Public Health.

It gave no figures for fatalities but noted it estimates that only one in 10 cases is reported globally.

This is the second-greatest number of cases reported in the USA since measles was deemed eliminated in 2000. At this time previous year, 163 countries had reported 28,124 cases.

Infections have also increased in wealthy countries with high overall immunisation rates, such as the United States and Israel.

Barbot did not exceed her authority by issuing the city declaration mandating vaccines, which came after attempts to educate the community and exclude unvaccinated kids from Kings County yeshiva's failed to stop the spread of the disease, according to a spokesman for the city's Law Department.

World Health Organization explained that the most dramatic rise in cases a 700-per cent increase compared to previous year has been reported in Africa, which has weaker vaccination coverage than other regions.

Increasing the coverage of vaccination maximizes protection, but 95 percent vaccination coverage is needed to prevent outbreaks, according to WHO.

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A group of Brooklyn parents has sued the city Health Department to stop an emergency order aimed at slowing an outbreak of measles.

Countries in the midst of measles outbreaks include Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Madagascar, Myanmar, Philippines, Sudan, Thailand and Ukraine. The measles vaccine is included in the measles-mumps-rubella, or MMR, vaccine, which has become a target of people who believe it is unnatural or unsafe, contrary to widely accepted science.

This means there are "many people who are adults now who only received one dose" of MMR, said Dr. Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore.

Calls have mounted in several countries to make measles vaccinations mandatory, including in Germany.

All told, there are now 20 states where outbreaks have been confirmed, bringing the case total to 555 cases as of April 11, the CDC reports.

It's not clear why some fully vaccinated people get measles, but it could be that their immune system did not respond properly to the vaccine, the CDC says.

Even more horrifyingly, right now, we're at a tipping point, with measles numbers rising at a rate not seen in decades.

The most dramatic rise in cases through the early part of the year was reported in Africa, which has weaker vaccination coverage than other regions.

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